Custom Packaging

Custom Water Bottle Packaging

Need: A client was importing water bottle packaging sleeves from East Asia. They had problems with both the goods and the shipping. The packaging sleeves were received not fully glued together in their final shape. The client had to hot glue the sleeves by hand, which increased labour costs. Also, shipments often arrived late.

Challenge: Since the water company was an existing Albany Packaging client, they naturally approached us for help with their packaging dilemma. We evaluated a package sample and studied their situation. Printing and delivering the sleeves on time would be no problem. But because the package was a folded, glued, self-standing sleeve, it would be difficult to assemble and glue together.

Solution: The Albany Packaging team worked together to find a solution, which was to find a way to get the folds added to the sleeve and glued. Success came by inverting one of the folds so we could glue the sleeve. The client was pleased with our innovative solution and our prompt and attentive service.


Need: Cooked chickens were being sold in clear plastic containers, with plain labels. Customers needed to be able to more easily read the labels and have a more convenient way to carry the chicken’s home.

Challenge: To design a strong packaging sleeve that would sell more chickens and make them easier and safer for customers to carry.

Solution: We created sleeves wrapped around plastic containers that held cooked chickens, with a handle as part of the design for hot product transport. We now had high-quality graphics on the sleeves, printed five colours each, with high gloss aqueous coating, on .016 pt Clay Coated Back stock. The new sleeves allowed for product visibility, and also held the containers shut.


Custom Golf Ball Packaging

Need: Golf ball cartons for recycled golf balls. The client needed high-end graphics to help them sell a “refurbished golf ball”.

Challenge: To design a package similar to that of new, more expensive golf balls, and to provide an image of “quality” as part of the marketing.

Solution: We chose a packaging material of metalized polyester laminate on .018 pt SBS stock, which gave the carton a high-end, glossy appearance. Cartons were Ultra Violet ink printed from two to five colours each, with a high-gloss Ultra Violet coating. We chose this ink and coating because they adhered to substrate and dried better. The UV coating also provided a more superior gloss finish than a conventional coating. The carton was designed to provide high-quality print graphics for several product brands.

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